Some things for a Wednesday


  • Isn't this sort of tacky? Not just the "WIN A THREESOME!" gaudiness, but the typeface, the layout, the use of "dude(ette)" and the use of a pair of lips as an O. It'd still be kind of boss to win, mind. []
  • As you know, R. Kelly fascinates me. So, I sincerely enjoyed and heartily recommend Josh Levin's full, ninety-minute commentary, of K's recent trial. [Slate]
  • If you haven't already, have a look at some of the crap in Roland Emmerich's house. (And no, I don't mean the 10,000BC screenplay. Zing!) [NYT]
  • See how good you are with film posters. Me? I got 28. [Empire]
  • If there's a better news headline that this, I haven't heard it. [Guardian]
  • Are you Tom's friend yet? Why not? Do it now! Get him to 5000. [Myspace]
  • It's almost here! [Premier League]


Part_and_Parthian said...

So Roland Emmerich is a pinko; an astrophysicist; a kidnapper of popes; and lover of Kennedy assassination diorama.

He needs to die asafp.

Adrian said...

Regarding [4]

The "?" was complete and utter bullshit. In no way shape or form could anyone get that one. It looked like a blue "?".

But aside from that I secured about 22. Should have had 23, but I didn't think "M" would be that obvious.

Towelley said...

I got 30. Boo ya.

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