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The title of Animate Objects' album is a little misleading. See, it's called 'Riding in Fast Cars with Your Momma' and to me, that says "We're goofy and this is going to be a very fun album."

It isn't. Let's make it clear - it's still dead good, certainly. It just doesn't sound like what you might expect, given the titular yo' momma joke. Chicago's Animate Objects play stellar full-band hip hop, and it may be lazy but it's entirely appropriate to mention The Roots, whose influence seeps through pretty strongly on AO's debut. Listen to 'Beautiful' - smooth R&B voice carries the chorus and the hook, while the tough-voiced rapper takes the verses and talks about social responsibility and love.

The other major reference point is Michael Franti and Spearhead, particularly on the opening cut 'The Weight', where AO gradually unfold all the cliches you hear in a lot of hip hop and one-by-one dismiss them. 'Riding...' keeps a pretty relaxed, laid-back pace almost all the way though, so 'Get Back!' and 'El Dorado' are welcome, but rare, upbeat standouts. The album as a whole is well worth a listen, but since most of it is kept at a mid-tempo, it's hard to get too worked up about. Stick it on, have a drink and soak it in. Remember the name.

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