She could've married a Kennedy

There's a new song called 'Anna' from Hello Saferide over at Pitchfork today, and I strongly recommend you check it out. The guitars are beefier than we're used to and there's a neat chorus. Listen here.

Her last album, 'Introducing...' didn't blow up and get the blog love that it deserved, and nor did the 'Would You Let Me Play This EP Times a Day?' EP, which came out a couple of summers ago. I really like HS (aka Annika Norlin), her lyrics are sweet and the tunes simple, but she can raise a smile pretty easily. Her song 'The Quiz', for instance, features a pre-dating checklist for any would-be suitor, including such important considerations as "Will you talk in the middle of Seinfeld?" She has priorities straight.

The new record, 'More Modern Stories From...' will be available in September, and you'll doubtless read more about it on here. Here you can hear two older songs of hers that are great.

[download Hello Saferide - 2006]
[download Hello Saferide - If I Don't Write This Song, Someone I Love Will Die]

[Hello Saferide official / myspace]


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