Shut up and eat your garbage

It's not that I didn't like Ratatouille - I most certainly did - but I don't really know what to write about it. Pixar has never let me down, even Cars was dead good, and this promised to be much better. In many ways, Ratatouille (henceforth just "the film") is the anti-Cars. There are no big name celebrity voices, it's about a very exclusive interest, it's set in Paris, the title needs to spelt phonetically in all the advertising, and there is relatively little marketing appeal with its hero. (Having said that, you can buy Emile suits at the Disney Store and they're totally adorable).

Pixar don't go for pop-culture gags like Shrek etc, and so the films' appeal is longer lasting. Plus, the animation is always tremendous, and in this film it really looks incredible. The Patton handles lead character vocal duties well, although I could only think of his birth control bit off 'Werewolves and Lollipops'. The story wasn't as strong as some of the studio's other output, and it really lagged in the middle, but it's a minor gripe. Showing that there's still some life in the animated-animals-say-cute-things clusterfuck, the film is short of genius, but heads and shoulders above most other big name films this summer.


Lauren said...

There's actually a shocking amount of merchandise--at least more than I thought there would be. I really think you need the Emile suit--it's absolutely adorable. And although an interactive Remy sounds amazing, i think we need this guy.

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