We have too much surplus

I saw a couple of big Hollywood films, because, well, England aren't in the World Cup anymore, and I had the day off work today. Go America and all that.

First in line was The Break Up. Interestingly, the trailer makes it out to be very funny, and outside of those jokes, it isn't very funny. For a big-name summer blockbuster, it gets pretty heavy, but the funny moments sort of detract from the drama. Plus, for a break-up film, you never really want the two to get back together, so it drags. One thing, though. Justin Long is in it, and contrary to what I posted a few days ago, he is outside of his stock character, so fair play to him. Besides, Vince Vaughn is in the film, and he does his stock role just fine. He's funny! But insensitive! It's his thing. His screen chemistry with Favreau is better than it is with Aniston. Say something nice? Jon Brion's score is warm and pretty. And Chicago looks lovely.

Today I watched (Pixar's) Cars and guess what - it was dead good. The signs weren't promising - delayed for like two years, overwhemingly similar to Doc Hollywood, and about Nascar (what can I say? I'm a skinny Brindian) but Pixar have earned their reputation. Nice short at the beginning, decent story, good voices, jokes that the kids won't get, corny ending. Good stuff. Can't wait for Ratatouille next summer.

In other news, at the opposite end of the budget spectrum, the best film I saw at SXSW 2004 is finally getting a DVD release later this month. If you like He-Man, the Daily Show or paintball, you'll dig it. If you're Canadian, you may have some reservations.


Dana said...

I saw Pixar's Cars tonight for the first time and I absolutely loved it to pieces. Majorly. And thought of you. :o)

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