Faster than fast

Like overpopulation, call-centers and making a song and dance out of things, staying very close with your extended family is a very Indian thing. This past weekend, we had my grandparents over from Delhi, and my aunt's family from Boston. My four-year old cousin is totally cute, and he's totally affected by Hollywood advertising. I pushed him around in a shopping cart at Target, and he kept shouting "I'm faster than fast! I'm Lightning McQueen! Vrooom!" in tribute to the current hit animation. The adorable thing here, though, is that every time he would refer to the film, he would always say "Pixar's Cars".

Bear in mind what I was saying about brand loyalty the other day. He's four, and he already knows to say the name of the studio before the film. I thought it was cute, if worrying. I'm pretty loyal to the Pixar brand, although I haven't yet seen "Pixar's Cars", planning on catching it tonight, so I'll let you know what I think. Aren't I sweet?


Lauren said...

This weekend I plan on watching Walt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, eating Kraft mac n cheese, and wearing my Old Navy shorts. Brand names are AWESOME.

Thankfully, as a little girl, I never said, "Mom, can I have the new Mattel Barbie?" Although, admittedly, it would have been very funny.

Taylor said...

"Pixar's 'Cars'" was really cool. Definitely worth checking out. But if I hear you calling yourself lightning mcqueen, we're gonna have problems...

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