There's only one Gareth Southgate

Well, we lost on penalties again. Fortunately for Lampard and Gerrard, they'll be remembered for being great players, as opposed to Gareth Southgate, who, though being a solid defender, will always be "the bloke that missed against Germany in 96". I was pretty gutted yesterday, but I'm over it already, such was the sad inevitability that we would lose in the worst possible way.

The fallout has already begun. Beckham has resigned as captain and Sven has left. Christian Ronaldo is not high on my list of favourite people. Aaron Lennon and Joe Cole had good World Cups, nobody else did. If we make it to South Africa in 2010, Steve McClaren needs to make England amazing. Good luck to him.

Really happy for Thierry and Les Bleus, though. Sincerely hope they beat the Portugese on Wednesday.

[download coldplay - 'don't panic/do the crouch' live at isle of wight]


I kinda want to buy this, since it's only $8.99 at Circuit City this week, and Leo Gregory was ace in 'Green Street Hooligans' (for a Spurs fan), but the reviews have been pretty deplorable. Anyone seen it?



Taylor said...

a shame indeed. Of course it had to come down to PK's, and of course the deciding kick came from Ronaldo. I think it would have been completely different if Bekham was in and was able to make one... also if England hadn't been defeated 3 times before my shootout. Valient effort though. France played amazing, they really deserved that win. Glad to be able to see Zidane on the pitch again... beautiful playing. And of course, my parting gift... Go Germany! the Mannschaft are on a roll, and we're taking it to Italy.

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