Finiculi, finicula, finiculi, finicula

Saw the Richard Gere flick 'Bee Season' last night. It's based on the novel by Myla Goldberg. Perhaps you've heard the Decemberists song about it. (If you haven't, link below!). The film was put out by the reliable studio Fox Searchlight, and as such was very dramatic, arty, pretty and well soundtracked. Combining a cute spelling bee candidate with intricate Kaballah teachings and spiritual journeys, plus deep-seeded dark family secrets made for a messy film. Every major character has their own issues which could do with more explanation, or at least some context. The visuals are really nice, though, and the performances are good. Even though I don't like Richard Gere much.

[download The Decemberists - Song for Myla Goldberg]


If they're anything like their last record, the singles from The Killers' new album Sam's Town will be inescapable for the next twelve years. To that end, the taster has just made it to the interweb. Considering this is meant to be one of the greatest of the last twenty years, I'm a little underwhelmed, although giving Jesus a namecheck is usually a way to my heart. If you haven't yet, you can nab the track here.


Jon said...

Samwise, have you listened to The Rifles yet? They're fucking brilliant if you havent, and you should be.

I guess this means you've more or less retired from the ol LJ since I see you havent posted there since you started this. If I was a subscriber still, I'd set up a feed on there, but oh well. I'll try and remember to keep checking this out.

Matt Gilmour said...

I'll be posting about that Killers song on my blog within the next day or two.

It's the latest in a long line of "reasons to kick Brandon Flowers square in the nuts."

Anonymous said...

I know New York, I need New York, I know I need unique New York...

The movie isn't as good as the novel, and the novel isn't as good as the song. So I'm a mainstream pop junkie. Sue me, I guess. Heh.

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