So I'm guilty of violating Section 34 Double-D?

Watched the latest Spike Lee joint, Inside Man, today. I realise that this is hardly topical, but you know. She Hate Me, his previous film, was universally shat upon, and not without good reason. It was pretty horrendous.

Inside Man is brilliant, though. Clive Owen and Denzel Washington are as solid as ever in the lead roles. Jodie Foster and Willem Dafoe back them up well. Spike films New York City the way a dad might film a newborn baby, with love, pride and tremendous care. Not, like, in a silly hat with its eyes closed. The real star is the story, though. Tense, with twists but not too many twists, and a nice ending, it really works. Of course, there's some social commentary about racism thrown in for good measure, but it works. There's incongruous Hindi film music at the start and end, not sure why. Waris Ahluwalia, who was in The Life Aquatic, plays a character also called Vikram. There were a lot of iPods, and a nice Vice-City style video game cutaway. "Like my man Fifty says, you gotta get rich or die tryin'."

Catch it when you can.


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