Loose talk on a slow walk home

I keep meaning to write a post about the new Hope of the States album, "Left", which came out recently. They elected not to repeat the epic songscapes of their debut "The Lost Riots" (my number three of 2004 after the self-titled releases from these guys and these guys) and for me it makes "Left" a weaker record. I mean, it's good and all, just not as good as it could be. At least it doesn't tail off in the second half like 'Riots' did. But the debut album from My Latest Novel has many of HOTS' tricks and is a preferable listen for me at least.

Anyway, the band just did a ten track live set for Steve Lamacaq last week. They play most of the new record, including highlights "The Good Fight" and "The Church Choir", plus an older one and a still-unreleased one. Encoded by "The Ripmeister" from their official messageboard, you can download the set from this page.


Good news for me and perhaps nobody else - Seafood are back! New album due in August called "Paper Crown King", which will feature the song "Between the Noise", which they put a demo of on their site ages and ages ago. Alas, lovely bass player Kevin Hendrick has left, though.


Anonymous said...

Ooh-I thought Seafood had split up! I am SO going to see them at Metros.


Anonymous said...

Shame to see Kev go - not only was he a top bloke when the Brain Farm/Purple FM caught up with Seafood in 2002 (2002!), but he actually bothered to 1. remember me when i saw him a couple of months later. 2. come over and say hi, which nearly as flattering as that time Stuart Murdoch introduced himself to me (of course you're Stuart Murdoch!)

(Sorry for the namedropping, but hey, me and B&S are like that, Really. Next week i'm sleeping in Bob Kildea's bed. True story.)

Good news is that the new album is slated to be something of a rocker - not that "As the Cry Flows" isn't a jolly smashing piece of work, but let's face it, the 'food are a better schmindie band then an alt.country one.

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