I forgot to mention this in last night's post, but 'The Final Solution' audiobook was read by Michael York, and maybe that's why I didn't dig it too much. Not that he isn't great, but the whole time I was thinking of that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where he and Ted Danson open a restaurant and everyone suddenly starts swearing. It's brilliant.


Lauren said...

I'd say, just to hear his voice, too bad I already deleted the file, however I still have no interest in listening to it after your not so thumbs up review. He'll always be Brian from Cabaret for me. Which, to your interest, deals with Nazism. It all goes back to Hitler...

Anonymous said...

As I type, Roger Federer has just won his first match at Wimbledon...he's gonna win again methinks....Engerland are thru to the last 8 of the world cup and so I am blissed out on sport. uh huh....but slightly sad to hear that JJ72 are splitting....I remember seeing them at Borderline, London back in 2000 which is a tiny venue and they were amazing. You could chat to them after the time they played at the HMV instore gig, they were her-uge!!!! RIP JJ72 (never did find out what they were named after....airplane/washing machine????)

Sal xxx

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