Mellow out or you will pay!

I like August.

It's my friend Tom's birthday on the 9th, the Premier League starts up again, ending a few months sadly lacking any football (of course, World Cup years are a slight exception), and it means that my shorts-wearing days are coming to an end. As anyone who has seen my legs will doubtless verify, this is a good thing.

This August will be especially great. In addition to the reason you already know about, on the 8th of August Chemikal Underground is putting out a 2CD anthology from the much-missed delgados. Spanning seven different sessions and their whole career, 'The Complete BBC Peel Sessions' has 29 tracks and would be a great introduction for newcomers to the band. No songs from 'Hate' (2002), though, since their Peel Session that year featured four covers instead.

Here's one of them, an unlikely but suitably menacing take on the Dead Kennedys.

the delgados - California Uber Alles (yousendit link)


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