Dancing with the Average Joes

  • Prince gave away his new record with a Sunday newspaper today. Jim over at GBMH bought it for you. [Gimme Back My Head]
  • I thought I liked 'All My Friends', but apparently it's not as much as this guy. [Slate]
  • Jetplane Landing have a fantastic new record out called Backlash Cop. Check out two tracks at Jamie's, then stream the whole thing at their label Smalltown America. I put it to you!
  • You can stream some performances from last week's T In The Park festival courtesy of the BBC. Check out Jamie T ripping through 'So Lonely Was the Ballad' in about nine seconds. [Channel T]
  • Ricky and Steve have some news about the final episode of Extras. Also, about swearing and wanking. Most assuredly not suitable for work. [YouTube]
  • The Observer compile a list of the ten greatest girl groups of all time. B*Witched are conspicuous by their absence. [OMM]
  • This trailer has been on TV quite a bit the last few days, leaving me saddened and wistful about the good old days. Hence the download below.
[download Outkast - Gasoline Dreams]


Jim said...

Bollocks, it was music week in the Observer and I forgot again. I *always* forget about that these days. That would have been a more entertaining read than the Mail on Sunday, which I only made it through 3 pages of before wanting to kill everyone involved.

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