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I've never really got into Irish rockers The Frames, but I've gotta tell you guys... The new film Once is the best I've seen all year. It's funny, romantic, musical, pretty, awkward, simple, poignant.. everything that 2007's new releases have been lacking. It's sweet, uncomplicated... I'm going to run out of adjectives soon. The songs swell, there is some really funny dialogue, everything comes off as unpretentious and natural. Though I don't like musicals at all (notable exception: Cannibal! The Musical), the musical interludes here never bothered me, they never got in the way of the story, and were suitably low key.

I really loved it, beginning to end, and any cinema money that doesn't go to Michael Bay is good by me. The lead guy, Glen Hansard, is the lead singer in the Frames, which is why I mentioned them earlier, and the soundtrack is well worth a pickup, and you can listen to one of their legendary live shows through NPR here.

There's an embedded video below. If you're reading the LiveJournal feed and it doesn't show up, click here to see it, cos it's ace.


Nick said...

Couldn't agree more about being the best movie of this year thus far. What made it fantastic as a musical is the organic way the songs were included. Rather than the ridiculous grandiose numbers that modern musicals use in a effort to recapture musicals of the 40's and 50's, "Once" instead let's the creep in where they instead become part of the characterization and story rather than supplanting it. Really, it was just spot on fantastic.

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