Be excellent to each other

Yesterday, my sister phoned me at about 6pm, and in tears she said "I'm at Grand Central Station, we just heard an explosion, and everyone's running around screaming... Nobody knows what's happening.. I love you".

The following fifteen minutes, as I frantically flicked through the news channels, plus Drudge, Fark, etc, looking for details, until finding out that it was a burst pipe and not terrorism, were the most frightening of my life. Amongst many other things, I kept thinking of that damn 1-18-08 teaser. She made it home just fine, a little shaken up. Apparently, she was right across the road from the blast. Y is for Yikes.

So here's a sappy reminder to tell the people you love that you love them. Keep your friends close, your enemies won't matter.

[download Hope of the States - Enemies/Friends]


Lauren said...

Those were a scary fifteen minutes. I'm glad one tv station is actually up to date.

Also, posting my favorite song and not mentioning me? Call me disappointed.

Jim said...

"everyone's running around screaming... Nobody knows what's happening"
Pah, you'd never get that here!

Seriously though, glad everyone is safe.

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