An unfunny episode of Everybody Loves Raymond

I was really putting off watching I Think I Love My Wife. Don't get me wrong, though. Chris Rock is probably my favourite comedian out there. I just bought the 3-disc collection of The Chris Rock Show, and you should too. His stand up is always spot-on perceptive and hilarious. But put the man in the spotlight on the big screen and he capital-s Stinks. Seriously, I dig Pootie Tang and Dogma, where he's funny in the background, but if like me you sat through Down to Earth... It's bad news brown. Not a surprise that the critics kind of hated Think, which Chris also directs.

Unfortunately, it's not that good. The whole premise, about things getting dull after marriage, is brilliantly condensed into eight minutes' worth of material on 'Never Scared', but it doesn't stretch into an interesting hour and a half. There are some really funny moments, especially the recurring Michael Jackson discussion, but there are plenty of crap jokes. And it's really hard to feel sympathy for the Richard, the main character, when a) he's a big jerk and b) Rock doesn't play sincere all that well. There's never any real reason to care. Kerry Washington is crazy hot, but her character is really unlikeable and manipulative, so when Richard gets smitten, we're like "why?" Also, Steve Buscemi is in it. And there's a big singalong ending. Like Fox Mulder, I really wanted to believe, but 'I Think I Love My Wife' gave very little to love. But: Great Biz Markie scene!

Below there's a clip from his TV show that really is funny.


Scott said...

I might have to watch this if there really is a great Biz Markie scene.

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