It's gonna be a magic night

'We Are The Champ' is the debut album from The Loungs, a terribly named band from St. Helens, which is close to Liverpool. It's a really nice summer listen - there are lots of sweet melodies, harmonies and other similarly old-fashioned charming things. I especially like 'Dig That Do' (about a haircut, of course), the ridiculously upbeat bar-room stormer 'Armageddon Outta Here', 'Get Along' which has a huge chorus, and 'I'm Gonna Take Your Girl', which starts off sounding like Gorkys and ends up sounding like a Mariachi explosion. Occasionally it gets a little too twee - no band should ever name a song 'Googly Moogly - but the Loungs have neatly captured early Beta Band's fondness of eclecticism and managed to make it not sound shit. Respect.

[download The Loungs - I'm Gonna Take Your Girl]

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Blanathema said...

That track sounds good - I'll have to investigate further. From what I remember, I think they're on the same label (Akoustic Anarkhy) as another band I've recently fallen in love with (Autokat).

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