The Sunday Four

  • Happy Canada Day! New songs from the New Pornographers and Stars have been all over the blogs lately, so get your free Canadian indie on here and here respectively. I really dig the NPs' song 'My Rights Versus Yours', even though the opening chord always makes me think of 'Slight Return' by the Bluetones.
  • If you thought this summer was bad for blockbusters, Slate Magazine lets us know what to expect next year. Hint: Lots of Apatow, Eddie Murphy as a spaceship, and Mike Myers as not-Austin-or-Shrek.
  • I'm watching the Diana concert from Wembley, and I still don't care much for Fergie. Status Quo, meanwhile, are still alive. Also, Dennis Hopper is MCing?
  • Finally, here's a classic Glasgow song for my friends in that city. Be safe, you bawbags.
[download The Delgados - No Danger]


Jim said...

Baws to Glasgow, it was us Paisley folk that got it!
Airport = 10 minutes from my house. Hospital, today the scene of a controlled explosion, 2 minutes.
I prefered it when people left us alone, thanks very much.

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