I think it will be beautiful

Now that it's finally out here in the U.S., I can write about Danny Boyle's Sunshine [website is really spoiler-heavy]. Though it pains me to go along with the majority of critical opinion about this, I'll just say it. Sunshine is a great film, visually and dramatically stellar and occasionally breathtaking, BUT the final twist and subsequent ending are so ridiculous that they almost devalue the whole thing. I love the look of the ship, the view of space, the unease amongst the crew, Boyle's camerawork really heightens the tension, and the way the sound gets more frenzied the closer we get to the sun. Chris Evans, unfortunately also the Human Torch, is great and focused and angry and especially powerful.

In particular there is one scene that is so edge-of-the-seat that I fell on my arse. You'll know the one I mean when you see it, otherwise ask me about it. Alex Garland writes a great high-concept story, as is his why, but it feels like he paints himself into a corner, because the ending is, as I say, so head-smackingly "What???" that I was almost angry with him. Go and see it because it's so pretty, but make sure your nails aren't too sharp - cos you'll be scratching the shit out of your head.


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