Take the lovers home tonight

With all its recent departures, it almost comes as a jolt to remember that Chemikal Underground Records still has bands on its roster. But that they do, and one such band, Glasgow's very own Mother and the Addicts, have a new record out soon. It's called 'Science Fiction Illustrated' and if it's anything like their spastic first album, we're in for some good shit. I remember that when they were first signed to the label, delgado and Chemikal suit Stewart Henderson told me that they'd make my face hurt, they were that good. Here's a song from their first record that really highlights their urgency and noisemaking. And, more pertinently, if you go to this minisite, you can download a song called 'So Tough' from their new album, which is a little more tuneful but just as much fun. Also, the press release likens that song to the band Electric Sound of Joy, for which they get a billion bonus points from me.

Don't forget to check their myspace for yet more musical goodness. If I were some sort of terrible tabloid rag, I'd end this by saying "Get Addicted!" but I'm not, so I won't.

[download Mother and the Addicts - Fuck Me Mummy, I Feel Ugly]

[buy their records at the Chemikal shop]


Lauren said...

Mamma Mia! As expected, songs for me to download once i return! I'd download them here, however i don't think the internet cafe guys would like that.

Or maybe they would?

I'll leave your site as a favorite place on this computer and then random Italians will be visiting it every day. Wooo!


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