The kids don't like it

Brother Eddie and his band of misfits (Jasper is from Enfield, North London! Like me!) better known as Art Brut have a new album out this week. Hooray! 'It's a Bit Complicated' is a lot less ramshackle than 'Bang Bang Rock And Roll', can you believe it?, but doesn't lose any of that record's charm. Eddie is still awkward, the narratives are still entertaining, the musicianship is pretty solid, and my only gripe is that, for a second time, they close the album with the duffest track.

No songs here, but instead, why not watch a live show from last month? Contains seven new songs, including album highlights 'Late Sunday Evening', without brass, alas, and 'Post Soothing Out'. Also plenty of old favourites (no 'Formed a Band' or 'Good Weekend', mind), and Eddie skipping. What're you waiting for?

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