I wish I could take it easy

Plasticines est une bande de jeunes Parisiennes, and their debut album 'LP1' is sung in both French and English, hence this sentence. They're in their teens, make really fun tunes and sound really, really French. But they're still ace. 'Zazie' is about nightbiking and has plenty of na-na-nas and is jauntier than a box full of jaunty hammers. Also, I think there's something about the English having a picnic in 1956, but my French is pretty rusty, so perhaps I'm wrong. 'Rake' is more straightforward, heads-down rock and roll. Mostly rock, though. Check 'em on myspace.

[download Plasticines - Zazie (Fait de la Bicyclette)]
[download Plasticines - Rake]

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