Live Vault: Super Furry Animals in London (2002)

It sort of escaped my attention, but last week marked anniversary number one for AYGH? Hooray! I enjoy writing in here, despite the relatively few hits, and only one other blog linking to me (God be with you, Jim!) so look out for more fun junk in these here pages. As a birthday present for me, 'Hey Venus!' leaked to this Internet. Haven't got through it yet, but I've got to say, the album artwork is spectacularly horrific.

Now, as a gift to you, here's one of the best quality complete SFA bootlegs that I have. The gig was at Ocean in Hackney, support was from Vex Red (exactly) and Team Cooper and was broadcast live on MTV2. The date was April 11, 2002, if you care about that sort of thing. You can hear host Zane Lowe at the beginning, and there's a little skippage at the end of '(Drawing) Rings Around the World' - not my fault. There's a lot to love here, most notably a huge techno blow-out for the finale, and the first ever play of 'Golden Retriever'. Unfortunately, it also showcases the main problem I had with seeing the band during this period - look at the pacing. From tracks five to ten, a good half-hour, the tempo is slow-to-mid at best. And then five short, really fast songs. Still, as was always the case, this was a great gig (I was there, did I mention that? We sat in the balcony, in the row behind the Coopers) and is good to share with y'all.

[01 (A) Touch Sensitive]
[02 Sidewalk Serfer Girl]
[03 (Drawing) Rings Around the World]
[04 Receptacle for the Respectable]
[05 It's Not the End of the World?]
[06 Nythod Cacwn]
[07 Presidential Suite]
[08 Run! Christian! Run!]
[09 Fire in my Heart]
[10 Juxtapozed With U]
[11 The International Language of Screaming]
[12 Golden Retriever]
[13 Do Or Die]
[14 God! Show Me Magic]
[15 Calimero]
[16 The Man Don't Give A Fuck]
[17 Gwreiddiau Dwfn / Mawrth Oer Ar y Blaned Neifion]


Jim said...

Happy birthday AYGH?!
The Man Don't Give a Fuck done live is always joyous. Liking Hey Venus lots too.

Anonymous said...

I was there too on the balcony with MTV as a rare recent birthday present from by brother, whom works there.

Anonymous said...

decent not recent

tom said...

Thanks for this. Downloading right now and can't wait to hear it.

The new album is mega. Don't give up on it if you don't like it after the first few listens - there's so much beauty hidden away in it and overall, just some really good songs.

Silva! said...

Hey! I've been dying to find a SFA bootleg, but your links don't work anymore :( You know where I can find aonther one? or could you to upload it once again? :$

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