I saw your sister last night

The Thrills are a deeply unfashionable band from Dublin who make songs that are pleasant, breezy and completely un-edgy. I ruddy love them and I can't explain why. They've taken a long time over album number three, 'Teenager', and you can test drive a couple of new songs at their myspace, as well as ace previous singles 'Big Sur' and 'Whatever Happened to Corey Haim'. The first single is called 'Nothing Changes Round Here' and it just made it to radio back in the Old Country. It's inescapably pleasant, could've been on either previous record, got the same ol' melancholy lyrics with perky tune vibe going on, but I dig it. It'll be nice to play it out of the car window this Hurricane Season. (So far, only one pesky tropical storm in two weeks). Also, on their website, bandmember Kevin says he's been reading 'Shantaram', which is also on my stack o'books. So nice one.

[download The Thrills - Nothing Changes Round Here (radio rip)]

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Dana said...


I do love me some Thrills...and it's all your fault, too. Guess I'll have to check out the new album. :)

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