We were shitting gold!

It's impossible to talk about Magicians without mentioning Peep Show. It has the same writers, and more importantly, the same stars - David Mitchell and Robert Webb. In the film, the pair play very similar versions of their characters on the show. Mitchell is wordy and awkward, and Webb is brash and stupid, and even has a Super Hans style agent. It doesn't really feel like a film to be honest; the plot is too thin, and there is very little to admire as a production. There's hardly any cinematic flair to speak of.

But as you'd expect, it's still pretty funny. Only pretty funny, but that's still better than not funny. M&W aren't on screen much together which is a shame, but when they are, they work well together, as we already know. Mitchell has some especially inspired lines, like "She's dead, like millions of Chinese peasants and Bob Hope!"Jessica Stevenson and Peter Capaldi have great supporting roles, and the former's dance routine for Electric 6 will at least make you feel better about your own dancing abilities. As was the case in Confetti, you get to see Rob Webb's arse.

As a film on its own, Magicians is alright. Nothing great, kinda predictable, but funny enough. But as a film from the Peep Show guys, it's very disappointing. If you haven't yet, check that out, and give that a watch instead.


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