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Saw Ocean's Thirteen, mostly because, well, it's there. Expectations were low because I thought that Twelve was horrendous, smug and complacent. The good news is that Thirteen isn't horrendous. They've remembered what made 2001's Ocean's Eleven such an enjoyable film - there's an elaborate scheme, a ruthless bad guy (ham it up, Big Al!) and there's gleeful entertainment in watching all the cogs turning towards the big night. It's so elaborate and meticulous, it's silly and fun to watch.

Maybe I liked it more than it deserves purely because I disliked Twelve so much. Don Cheadle's almost-English accent still bugs the shit out of me, and the whole thing is still very, very smug. Matt Damon has a silly nose for a bit. There's a whole bit about Mexican factory conditions that I don't really understand. I imagine that Vince Cassell said "I want to be in it again too!" so they wrote him a tiny, completely unnecessary part, but he was in La Haine, so he has a lifetime of goodwill from me.

David Holmes' score was, again, the best and most consistent part of the film. That's probably a bad thing. So here's a classic of his, and let's never speak of O13 again.

[download David Holmes - 69 Police]


Jon Rob said...

But were you expecting the Federal agent/Linus' Dad to take off his rubber mask. Even his voice sounded fake.
Othe than that, cool movie.

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