Born in a manger...

Sure enough, the glut of live recordings and videos from this past weekend's Glastonbury festival has begun to hit the internet. This site, in particular, has done a nice job of collecting them all in one place. Kudos for that.

From all that footage, there was only one band who I was interested in, and here are three songs from their set. They happen to be Super Furry Animals, one of my all-time faves. One's a new, guitar-heavy reworking of their 1999 single 'Northern Lites', and then there's two songs from the upcoming 'Hey Venus!' I can never say a bad word about SFA, so you might as well just listen to the songs for yourself.

[download Super Furry Animals - Northern Lites (Glastonbury 2007)]
[download Super Furry Animals - The Gateway Song (Glastonbury 2007)]
[download Super Furry Animals - Show Your Hand (Glastonbury 2007)]

[pre-order 'Hey Venus!' (UK)]


Anonymous said...

i love you samir


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