Turnin' on your heels

In the summer of 1998, my friend Tom and I went to see the Lo-Fidelity Allstars at the Astoria in London, and it was all kinds of fantastic. Their singer came out holding a firecracker, Tom got clotheslined out of his shoes by a crowdsurfer, and things were blissful. A few months later, we went to see them at the Shepherds Bush Empire on the day that their singer had quit the band, a fact that we didn't know til after the gig. It remains one of the most disappointing gig nights I've had.

The follow up album wasn't bad, wasn't great, and then there's been a whole lot of nothing for more than five years. According to their myspace, they no longer have their hallowed Brain Farm studio, which is a pity, but on the same page you can hear this new track with Twilight's very own Greg Dulli which is a fuckin' JAM. Having done sweet, sweet soul on 'Somebody Needs You' back in '02, this time they're turning up the funk and 'Southside Lowdown' should come with a capital P for Party-slayer.

Seriously, this song is glorious.

[download Lo-Fidelity Allstars - Southside Lowdown (ft. Greg Dulli)]

[buy 'Don't Be Afraid of Love']


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