Why would they go to the Russians?

I like to imagine the first day of filming for 'Burn After Reading' thusly:

The Coen Brothers, fresh from their 'No Country' success, are first to arrive, each holding a few Oscars just to show off. And with them is Frances McDormand, who didn't want to feel left out, so she's clutching her Oscar too. Then Clooney arrives, with his charm dripping out of the bottom of the limo, with his Oscar hanging out of his pocket. And who's this giant that just got here? She looks like she's made of ice - pale, pale, British ice - and she too has a new-looking shiny Oscar. It's Tilda Swinton, her off 'Young Adam'!

Meanwhile, in another corner, Brad Pitt and John Malkovich, who on other days would be considered fine actors, are scowling, since they don't have that token of recognition that the others are flaunting. Malkovich turns to Pitt and says, "Just remember, Junior. I've been nominated more times than you". Then can begin the first read-through.

Anyway, as if all those amazing people don't make you excited to see a new Coen comedy, how about the fact that the trailer has an Elbow song in it?


lee said...

i could write of my own joy at the excellent Spirit track that closes out the trailer. Their biggest song, and a bit obvious, but still an all-time classic from an underappreciated band. Check out 'Straight Arrow' for some grade-A earnest 60s shit. -- lh

Lauren said...

I still really like this post. There's something about the description that makes me smile because, man, it's so true. Or maybe it's because Malkovich calls Pitt "junior."

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