Welcome, Politicians!

I like to keep an eye on my Statcounter page, partly out of vanity, and partly to see where visitors to this site are coming from. It's nice to know that I have readers in just about every country out there. But imagine my surprise to find the following today:

Just to clarify: Someone at the Houses of Parliament in London went to my facebook page, and from there clicked the link to this site. Twice in ten minutes.

Cool? Or Unnerving? I mean, I know there are no pressing current affairs that the British government should be focusing upon. But surely even they have better things to worry about than my excitement for movies that are still a year off? Weird.


Lauren said...

Maybe they thought you were dreamy after seeing you with the cardboard cutout of McCain.

Matthew said...

Now if only you could tell if it was a Lord or a Lady...or god forbid, a commoner.

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