Satan's your best friend

Back when Audiogalaxy ruled the - ahem - audio galaxy, it kept telling me that the genre I listened to the most was "chamber pop". What does this mean? Who knows? I've never heard of that genre outside of that short lived software. But this week I've been listening to the album 'Rest Now, Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon' by Get Well Soon, and it sounds like it was recorded in a chamber. I mean this with great admiration - it's a fine record, very richly orchestrated and well put together, with long song titles not getting in the way of clever arrangements and just plain good songs.

Because I'm lazy I don't mind saying that the first song, with its lazy horns and prevailing sense of Eastern bloc ambiance, sounds like Beirut, while the very slowly unfurling chorus on 'Christmas in Adventure Parks' is lovely, as is 'Witches! Witches! Rest Now in the Fire'. Also, there's a song where he's singing in a deep, country voice with banjos in the background and a female co-vocalist. The pace picks up with 'If This Hat Is Missing, I Have Gone Hunting', which has big, echo-ey drums and a chorus of cheerleaders. Brilliant! I also like the calmer songs, like 'People Magazine Front Cover', 'Help To Prevent Forest Fires' and the cover of 'Born Slippy' by Underworld. Lager Lager Lager.

GWS is apparently one Konstantin Gropper from Germany (Mannheim?) and hopefully we'll hear more of him in the future. This record is perfect for listening to repeatedly, allowing it to get under your skin, and warming you up in the cold, barren winters which we don't enjoy anymore.

[download Get Well Soon - Christmas In Adventure Parks]

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