The adrenaline burns a hole

Despite having chosen the world's least Google-friendly band-name, The Music have done very well for themselves - they're a band from "The North" who've been on Jimmy Kimmel's show, that has to count for something. (Of course, that video clip is impossible to find, but I'm 100% sure I didn't just imagine it. They played 'Breakin'.) Anyway, I caught the band live once at the Square in Harlow, a venue slightly bigger than my kitchen, and they absolutely slayed. The guys with instruments are proficient and make some amazing noise, but the focus is undoubtedly Rob Harvey, the singer, who can't stand still - it's nice to see a singer who can outdance his own audience.

Several years on, they're back with a new album, the first in four years by my count. I can't really speak of any change in direction, it looks like the primary shift within the band is that Rob doesn't have any hair any more. The lead single and title track is 'Strength in Numbers', which like I said is same ol' Music, but I happen to really dig that. The lyrics are the usual ol' bollocks about working together, optimism blah blah blah. What matters is that it has a 4/4 drum beat that you can't avoid nodding to, a simple chorus to sing along to, and above all, it's catchy as hell. If you didn't like them before, this song probably won't convert you. But if you're looking for a solitary Monday night dance party, you could do a lot worse than this. 'Strength in Numbers', the album, is out in Britain on the 16th.

The video, which they won't let me embed, is some OTT Cloverfield-meets-mushroom-clouds shit. No idea what's going on. Check it. Also, here's an old song of theirs, from 'The People EP'. And, as a further bonus, if you click here, you can get a remix of new album track 'Fire', by the equally stupidly named Does It Offend You, Yeah?

[download The Music - Jag Tune]

[the music myspace / official site]


Rachel B said...

I'm sure I saw them with you at the apollo when they played with Doves and that aussie band with the cray singer whose name I can't remember...

Samir said...

replace 'apollo' with 'astoria'

and the other band was the vines

and you're completely right. glastonbury '02, too.

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