"This is a terrible day... for Leeds United"

Let me go on record right now, in June 2008, and say the following. The future film release that I'm looking forward to the most is:

  1. The book it's based on is incredible.
  2. Brian Clough is a legend.
  3. It's directed by Tom Hooper, whose recent work includes Longford, and John Adams, a miniseries which I, inexplicably, am yet to see.
  4. Jim Broadbent is in it! And Colm Meaney, Timothy Spall and Michael Sheen as the man himself. Throw in a T-Wilks, just to complete the set of great English (and Irish) actors, and I'll probably start crying for joy.
  5. Look at the clip on this page. Sheen has really got the Clough voice down already.
  6. It gives me an excuse to post a Luke Haines song.
[download Luke Haines - Leeds United]


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