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Some links.

- A new game. Religious zealots or rappers: Who has the worst rep for homophobia? [Radar]
- Rivaldo: Genius or face-grabbing cheat? [Guardian Blogs]
- Hulk (2003): A spirited defense of Ang Lee's most hated film. [Slate]
- The sheer vitriol that's being thrown at The Love Guru means that I might have to see it, given my inexplicable desire to watch all horrendous films. The MTV Movie Awards, which happened recently and was hosted by Mike Myers, was a terrible car-crash of lowest common denominator jokes and skits. And by most accounts, so is this film. [AICN], [Slate]
- I'm sure you know this already, but here's the new Girl Talk [Illegal Art]
- If you haven't already checked out this live camera feed of a lioness and her cubs, what the hell are you doing with your life? [Some Norwegian Zoo]
- There's a music festival coming to my town. And I don't mean The Fest, which is a pretty well established punk gathering. No, in September, there'll be an event with actual bands I've heard of, like Drive-By Truckers and Mates of State. Not sure how much it costs yet, but I imagine I'll check it out. Radiohead probably won't be there, though. [The Real Big Deal]
- I was pretty disappointed by 'The Secret Migration', so I'm excited that Mercury Rev are releasing TWO new albums later this year. One of which'll be free. Bonus! Here's an old gem. []
[download Mercury Rev - Frittering (live)]
- Heavy metal fans in "actually racist" shocker. [Guardian]
- I was happy to see old Oasis singles get a look-in. Because they used to be brilliant. The 'D'You Know What I Mean' single, particularly, was unique in that all the b-sides were vastly superior to the lead track. In fact, from that single, here's my favourite Oasis song. [AV Club]
[download Oasis - Stay Young]

- Finally, THIS is how you advertise your upcoming film.


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That's a terrifyingly big Jean Claude Darcheville head.

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