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Here's a little sample of this year's Glastonbury shenanigans. There was more than just Winehouse punching fans, and Jay-Z covering Oasis, though the latter was amazing and you should seek it out at once. From the Other Stage, this is Hot Chip covering 'Wearing My Rolex', a recent top ten hit from Wiley. Also, they are joined by Wiley.

Incidentally, I'm sure someone else must have noticed that Alexis Hot Chip is clearly stealing sartorial nous from Eddie Jemison of the Ocean's Movies.

[download Hot Chip ft. Wiley - Wearing My Rolex (Glastonbury 2008)]
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edit: here's another track from the same set.


Anonymous said...

Might I suggest that the lyric is, in fact, "usually bubble", seeing as "bubble" is Cockney rhyming slang for "laugh" (i.e. Bubble Bath = Laugh)...? Otherwise, great stuff! Thanks.

Samir said...

Bubble would make a lot more sense.

Damn you,!

Jack said...

My sister came back today and told me about the Hot Chip feat. Wiley appearance making me even more jealous that I wasn't there.

Anonymous said...

she didnt punch fans, she elbowed them. one fan, after he put his hand down her dress. otherwise she was ok

RizzyLee said...

Hey, have you heard of this cool band called Noah and the Whale? They're pretty indie at this point but they're really good and I think they'll go heard it from me first! They're kinda a folkier Smiths...

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