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[There's more to Are You Gene Hackman than just the macho, testosterone-and-steroids postings that you're used to enjoying on these pages. Accordingly, here's a review of the new Sex and the City film that just opened and is sweeping the world. Of course, I'd sooner chew off my own knuckles than sit through it, so we have a guest reviewer - Lauren Gibaldi. Thanks for the review! Lapalco!]

As someone who owns every season of Sex and the City and repeat facts and trivia details as if they were a grocery list to be read off, I was actually quite tentative when I heard that they were making a film version of the popular TV show. Excited, sure, but how could they ever top the last episode?

The show ended with all four girls fabulously happy. Samantha found a man who wanted her for love, not sex. Charlotte and Harry were approved to adopt a baby from China. Miranda was happily settled in Brooklyn with Steve and Brady. And Carrie and Big were together...for the fifth or so time. Everyone was content.

The movie starts with the women five years later. Charlotte and Miranda are busy being good parents and wives, Samatha is busy being Smith Jarrod's manager, and Carrie is busy with her fourth book and Big. Admittedly, it's exciting at first, seeing the four of them together again. It's like they're old friends you haven't seen in years, everything is familiar and fun. It's just like old times.

The movie takes a serious turn early on which sets the mood for the rest of the film. Without giving away too much, considering all of this was hinted towards during the preview, there might be a wedding, might be infidelity, and might be a pregnancy. And that all might be within the first half.

There were some quips and jokes that were quite hilarious. Charlotte becomes the comedic relief and it suits her character well. On the opposite end, Miranda's sullied attitude makes her character very unlikable. Ultimately, they leave her and the rest of the girls out of the film a lot, exchanging it all to focus more on Carrie's story. The strong cast of husbands and boyfriends, Steve, Harry, and Smith, barely have screen time. That's one thing I wish they concentrated more on--the lives of the other girls.

They added in a new character, Louise from St. Louis, who becomes Carrie's assistant and friend. Although I really enjoyed her character and what she added to the film, I felt it was very out of place. What I loved about the TV show was that whenever one of the girls had a problem, no matter how big (no pun intended) or small, the others were there for them. It seemed like at times Louise was Carrie's inspiration which almost felt like she was cheating on her friends.

Truth be told, the film was enjoyable but I far from loved it. My original worries proved right, as I definitely prefer the ending of the TV series to that of the film's. It lacked the same feel that the TV show had that originally made me fall in love with it. In complete honesty, the film was daunting and depressing at times. Although you are given a decently happy ending, you're still left feeling nothing. We're so connected to these four women that when they're going through troubles, we are as well. And, truthfully, on my night off, I don't want to go through any more troubles.

The film addresses the age old question of will we ever find true love, and if we do, will it last. It's a question every woman asks herself at one time and, sadly, the film doesn't give us much advice nor insight other than to keep trying and have faith. I guess that's what the film teaches you. As cheesy as it sounds, they want you to believe that sometimes love does conquer all, even if you have to work for it. And if you have friends to share that message with? Well, that's just fabulous.


brookem said...

I pretty much agree hands down with this entire recap.

Rachel said...

You are so right with the Louise thing being very out of place.

I could never stand Miranda. There's something about her smile...

Lindsey GA! said...

That last paragraph might as well have been written by Carrie herself. :)

You already know that I agree with everything in this review. The film was a definite "eh" experience.

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