Much ado about [ingenting]

Sure, Sweden has given us some great bands over the years, including the Wannadies, the Concretes, Peter Bjorn and John, Abba, the Soundtrack of Our Lives, Bon Jovi and Led Zepellin. But did you know that in that country, they also speak a language called Swedish? And that there are bands that sing only in that language. Fluxblog posted a song by Veronica Maggio yesterday, and that made me think, "Hey, I've been listening to [ingenting] a lot lately, and haven't got around to writing about them, so here's an excuse."

Those square brackets are very important - apparently just plain ol' Ingenting are a black metal band from neighbouring Norway. Very different. I first got turned onto [ingenting] when some music blog said they sounded like "Sigur Ros meets the Strokes". They don't. But the two albums of theirs that I have are ace. For all I know they're singing "You're a fucking moron and your beliefs and values are all dumb and you have crap hair and everyone thinks you're pretentious" but I still dig. Here are two songs from their latest record, 2006's 'Mycket väsen för ingenting'. 'Hollywood Dreams' is pure summer fun, and the other song, 'Punkdrömmar' sounds like Bloc Party or something. But, of course, in Swedish. There's a frustrating lack of info about the band on this internet, but you can listen to them over at, so I suggest you do that.

[download [ingenting] - hollywood dreams]
[download [ingenting] - punkdrömmar]

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