Tuesday Miscellaneous

A few briefs for today:

  • As both a law student and a fan of Lil Wayne, I thought this was pretty interesting.

    "[He] knew or should have known that throwing money into the crowd would result in a rush of fans towards the stage, which could cause fans to be injured," the suit says. Sounds to me like negligence!
  • Further to my post about early Idlewild the other day, check out JRG for a whole live show from the 'Hope is Important' era. The show is in Japan, and the crowd noise is mental. They shout "Roddy" an awful lot. Check it.
  • In the "Match Made in Heaven" corner: Kool Keith and Karen O. Check out the collab at Idolator.
  • Five reasons why the Spice Girls comeback is a bad idea. Go!
  • At long last, there's a state of the union address for the afro. [Cracked Mag]
  • If you want to hear lots of great new bands from the UK (mostly) for no money, I recommend This is Fake DIY's radio channel. They play the Wombats a lot, nothing wrong with that, though.
  • Someone came to this site the other day after putting the phrase "Crispin Glover Amiable?" into Google. Fantastic.
  • Finally, a serious message from Ricky Gervais in Africa.


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