You never said too much

I'm yet to find a review about Kubichek! that doesn't mention Maximo Park or The Futureheads. It's understandable, I suppose. All three bands are from the north-east of England, not exactly renowned for being a breeding-ground of great new bands.

Listening to Kubichek!'s debut album 'Not Enough Night', you can hear elements of their more famous mates' sound - 'Outwards' and 'Taxi' are radio-friendly, punchy guitar-driven tunes, songs like 'Hometown Strategies' and 'Method Acting' are all chorus-heavy and anthemic. And in 'Nightjoy' they already have a certified dancefloor slayer.

There are plenty of bands who make uptempo, spiky guitar driven indie songs, and whilst Kubichek!'s are alright, they're not all that distinctive. They're much more interesting when they slow things down - 'Hope is Impossible' is pretty, and Alan McDonald's Geordie accent will remind you of those other two bands. Best of the bunch is 'Start As We Meant To', which takes you on a Hope of the States style journey from very quiet and dour to immense wall of sound and back again. A couple of times.

[download Kubichek! - Taxi]
[download Kubichek! - Start As We Meant To]


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