Eating in the ghetto on a hundred dollar plate

Oh, I almost forgot, there's another album that's out this week. Ever heard of The Arcade Fire? I think the internet is just about saturated with Neon Bible tracks at the moment, so I won't post any here, but I will tell you what I think of the album. It's uncool to say, but I like it because it's more accessible than 'Funeral'. That album never really spoke to me the way it did everyone else, maybe because the hype came before the music, or maybe just because it's just too.. something. I mean, I like it and all, but I can't get too worked up about it.

But Neon Bible really grabs me. I like the NME's review of it, especially the phrase "a record in the grand tradition of melodic transatlantic clamour rock." I love the relentless stomp of 'Keep the Car Running'. The passage from understated to colossal on 'Ocean Of Noise'. The organs-and-drum combo on 'My Body Is A Cage', reminding me of 'Megalomania' by Muse. The soaring chorus of 'The Well and the Lighthouse'. The lyric on 'Antichrist Television Blues' - in your faces, Joe Simpson and Matthew Knowles. And 'Intervention' is, bar none, the song of the year so far.

Here, enjoy an a capella take on a song from their last album...

Indie Blockedappella - Rebellion (Lies) from inkistro they have other songs too, check it


Lauren said...

A capella song = very good. I enjoyed! Maybe Yahtzee will do it one day.

Also, it's, in my opinion, definitely the "Phantom of the Opera"-esque pipe organ that makes 'Intervention' amazing.

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