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The other day I sort of touched on my favourite band, dEUS, so here's a more fully developed post about them. They're from Belgium, an oft-overlooked hotbed of great bands (damn you, attention hogging Sweden), and they're really big in Europe, especially in the homeland. In the U.S. it's never really happened for them, and with V2 undergoing some sort of crisis, things don't look so good for the future.

So, it's a good thing that they can still play massive outdoor shows in Antwerp, like they did in January. I'm putting up a couple of covers they did that night, with special guests. Firstly, Sonic Youth's 'Youth Against Fascists', aided by Tim Vanhamel from Millionaire (live video of their song 'Body Experience Revue' here); and a cover of 'There Will Be No Next Time' by Belgian legends The Kids, joined by Ludo Mariman from Belgian legends The Kids. You can watch a video of this cover by clicking here, or if you'd like the whole Antwerp show to download, go here. You should get the whole set, of course, but maybe I'm just saying that because they're my favourite band and I want everyone in the world to love them.

[download dEUS - Youth Against Fascists (live)]
[download dEUS - There Will Be No Next Time (live)]

And here's a weird, very literal video for their song '7 Days, 7 Weeks'.


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