I really should do something about it

I don't really know anything about Das Pop other than they're from Belgium, have released two records, and have a website that isn't updated very often. The myspace, though, says they have a new record coming out soon, produced by David and Stephen Dewaele, or Soulwax to you and I.

A thing about Soulwax is, they're usually better with other people's songs than their own. Their remixes and 2ManyDJs stuff > almost anything on their last record 'Any Minute Now'. And the lead track from Das Pop, which they're giving away for free here is pretty good. Effortlessly upbeat, it'll put a swagger into your weekend, and who doesn't need that?

[download Das Pop - Tired]

And, entirely because they're also from Belgium, here's a video from my favourite band in the world.


Jim said...

That sounds alarming like a cross between a Fratellis b-side and the Strokes. Not bad though.

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