You were the rope around my neck

No strangers to writing songs of epic, historical import and bombast (yes, both those things), Leeds geniuses iLiKETRAiNS follow last year's excellent 'Progress/Reform' EP with a new single, out this week in the UK. It's called 'Spencer Perceval', after the only British Prime Minister to ever be assassinated. It's about ten minutes long, huge, and sung from the perspective of the assassin, John Bellingham. On the flipside is the song 'I Am Murdered', Perceval's response to Bellingham. Hypothetically. It's slower and more mournful, which I suppose makes sense. Best lyric: "I've kept the French at bay in Portugal and Spain / As our King went insane"

As dark as a power outage in the middle of the forest, these two songs make their debut album, due later this year on Beggars, even better-looking than before.

The band helpfully fill you in with obituaries for both men. And check out the video for 'Spencer Perceval' below.

[download iLiKETRAiNS - I Am Murdered]


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