Feel like a Chinese burn on top of you

There's a new record from Charlotte Hatherley out this week, called The Deep Blue. It's her first since officially leaving Ash, and it's pretty solid. It's noticeably more relaxed than her debut 'Grey Will Fade', there are fewer spiky songs to jump around to (though 'Very Young' scratches that itch nicely), more emphasis on songwriting and arrangements. Check out the massive strings on 'Again'. The singles 'Behave' and 'I Want You To Know' bop along nicely, and opener 'Cocteau' is awash in effects and pleasantness. Pitchfork were surprisingly kind about the album too.

In addition to 'Again', I've upped my favourite Ash song, which I think was the first one they did with Charlotte in the band. And! Because it's great and directed by Edgar Wright, the video for 'Bastardo', from the first album.

[download Charlotte Hatherley - Again]
[download Ash - A Life Less Ordinary]


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