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Best Glasgow song of the year 2: Glasvegas - Daddy's Gone

(Incidentally, Malky probably would have made it into this category, but I already gave him some props, before I thought of this one. So there).

Glasvegas are from Glasgow, not from Las Vegas. You can hear the Glasgow in the man's voice. I tried about another of their songs and failed miserably. 'Go Square Go' could've made the cut, too, but let's stick with 'Daddy's Gone', a song whose title tells you everything you need to know. There's some rumbling bass, harmonies, a big ending, and very sad lyrics. What more do you need?

[download Glasvegas - Daddy's Gone]

[Glasvegas - myspace / official site]


Jim said...

This and Emma are in my top songs of the year too, coming soon to a blog near you!
Incidentally I see the Glasvegas backlash has already started, I supose that's what happens when Alan McGee, a man with nothing to do with the band, starts running his mouth off about them.

Ed said...

The Glasvegas track is fab, had done my end of year Festive Fifty then heard Glasvegas do this song, it really is fab.


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