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Best cover of a classic Christmas Number One - Maps: Stay Another Day

This one is sort of cheating, since it just went up today, but since I mentioned the Christmas Number One phenomena recently, I think it's relevant. Northampton's Maps, whose debut album came out this year and was pretty good, has covered 'Stay Another Day', East 17's 1994 honoree. If you've never heard of East 17, you're missing out, read the Wiki. Maps' cover takes out the sleigh bells and the annoying "stay now!"s of the original, but had a lot more feedback. And you, sir, can download it for free from About the song, Maps says:

“This song is my special Xmas gift to you, inspired by taking 12 Es and running myself over in my own car. Only an enormous puffer jacket prevented me from certain death.”
[download Maps - Stay Another Day]

[Maps official site / myspace]

Bonus: Here's the East 17 video, in all its mid-90s glory. The best part is 40s into it:


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