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Best 60s soul themed indie album of the year: Lucky Soul - The Great Unwanted

Great songs, good choruses, solid arrangements... it's a shame 'The Great Unwanted' didn't get much more attention this year. I shouted about it wherever I could, and I'm sure I heard 'Get Outta Town!' in a shoe advert, but this album seems to have stayed under radar, and that's a pity. There's a 100% pop sensibility throughout the record, whether on the stompers ('Add Your Light to Mine, Baby', 'Lips are Unhappy', the title) and the very, very sad torch songs like 'Baby It's Yours' or 'It's Yours'. Again, if they had a bigger push, this could've been a smash. Never mind, more for us, right? Also, they're better than Winehouse.

[download Lucky Soul - Ain't Never Been Cool]

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Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this lovely, brightening song :-)

greetings from germany,

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