At night when I have nothing else to do

Best singer whose name sounds like slang for diabetes - Candie Payne
Worst joke of the year - the one above

Sorry, that was truly horrendous.

Anyway, Candie Payne's debut album 'I Wish I Could've Loved You More' came out in May and was a great summer record. With Mark Ronson involved behind the scenes, the record recalls classy vocalists of the past, like Dusty Springfield and frankly any time someone evokes Dusty, I'm bound to be hooked. The slower songs are ideal for smoky jazz rooms ('In the Morning' is sexier than Kathleen Turner!), and 'One More Chance' and the title track give the album some nice up tempo balance. You can stream the whole record through her site, and why wouldn't you do that?

[download Candie Payne - I Wish I Could Have Loved You More]

[Candie Payne myspace - also with a Christmas song!]
[Buy 'I Wish...' UK / US]


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