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Festive cover of the year: Ted Leo - Fairytale of New York

Teddy Rockstar (and his missus) stopped by WFMU last night to keep Tom Scharpling (and his missus) Christmas-night company. They discussed nudity, gifts, and how you shouldn't shop at Kohl's if you're pro-Christmas. Then, at the end of the show, TL busted out the tunes. In addition to 'Feliz Navidad', my least favourite Christmas December Wishes Song, he did an a cappella old Christmas song that was terrifying, and after Tom prohibited him from playing 'Colleen', closed out the show with the best December Wishes song of all, helpfully taking out all the toilet mouth and making it more radio friendly.

Happy Boxing Day!

[download Ted Leo - Fairytale of New York] - new link, should work!

Also, here's a video of the song from '88 with Kirsty, Joe Strummer and David Byrne.

[Ted Leo and the Pharmacists myspace / official site]
[The Best Show on WFMU]


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