Your enemies won't matter in the end

You may recall the tears that were shed here last year when Hope of the States announced their split. Well, like darkness from light or like daiquiris from a strawberry, they're reborn. Repeatedly!

First up, most of them are now in Troubles. There's a live show floating around (cough) and it's very laid back, instrumental and gentle. Odd to hear them without Sam singing about the fight. They'll be touring soon with AYGH? faves iLiKETRAiNs, who do the similarly funereal thing very well. Mike from the band is also playing in Sons of Noel and Adrian (download some songs from their myspace) whilst Sam Herlihy is also doing some solo stuff, under the name Blocks. Also, he has a crazy new beard. There are some others, too, and you can keep up with all of them at Forwardirektion.

Today's download has absolutely nothing to do with those bands, but the song title fits.

[download The Beta Band - Troubles]


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